Two people on a date at a bowling alley

Bowling Date Idea

I had to include some of the age-old classic dates, so here is one of them: the bowling date idea. Most people enjoy a good game of bowling, so it is definitely a safe and fun date.

I’m sure you’re all wondering how in the world is this bowling date idea creative, seeing that anyone can think of something like bowling. But hear me out.

Creativity comes with dressing up. Have your date dress up with you like a cliché bowler, or you can wear outfits from the 70s or 80s.  Basically, you can dress up however you feel like; you could go bowling in your Halloween costume if you wanted.

Bowling alley

Make things interesting and put a little wager on the game. The loser gives the other a back massage, or if you really like her, have the loser make the other dinner. This is a great way to guarantee another date even if you lose. Bowling is not that expensive, either, and can be a great group date activity, if you know other couples that would like to join.

The bowling date idea is also a very safe first date idea. Cliche as it is, if the person you are taking out likes to bowl, there you go. 

What you need for this classic bowling date idea: 

Couple on a date at a bowling alley

If you don’t know where the nearest bowling alley is, it should be pretty easy to find online. Just make sure you know when the bowling tournaments or leagues are going on.

Check out their website and see if they have something like a disco night or something like that. This makes dressing up in 70s attire all the better, and a great way to make the date more creative.

My experience with this date:

Two couples on a group date and bowling alley

I have taken girls to the bowling alley on numerous occasions. I have gone with just the two of us, and as a group date as well.

I have always had fun doing that. One time I met this girl at the climbing gym where I had a membership. It was her first time climbing. I later got her number and set a date up with her. She mentioned that she liked bowling, so I took her bowling. That’s right, I listen.

We went to the college campus bowling alley, because it was cheap and pretty close to her apartment, and just a really nice place to bowl. Yes, that is right, my college had its own bowling alley. I know you are jealous.

She had told me that she was a pretty good bowler, so I was expecting some good competition. We started to play and, get this, I proceeded to bowl the best game of my life. I bowled 206 against the girl. She got a 95.

She was a cute girl, and I kind of liked her, but she never called me back after that. Maybe you shouldn’t downright murder the other person’s score when you take her bowling. Oops, my bad. But hey, at least I bowled over 200! Always look on the bright side of life, am I right?

So if you are having trouble thinking of something to do for a date, you can always bust out this classic bowling date idea. Use it for a first date, group date, or even with someone you are in a relationship with. Enjoy!

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