Cheap Dates

Dollar Stretching ideas with full-priced fun

It’s not always bad to be a cheapskate. Some of the most rewarding, enjoyable, dates can be ones that don’t wind up costing you an arm and a leg. In this section of cheap dates, you will find a wide variety of clever ideas that won’t break the bank.

House for sale

House Hunting

One of my hobbies is to drive around on an early-evening weekday or a Saturday morning and visit the new-build neighborhoods and go house hunting. The reason I like it so much is probably that, I’m a dreamer—right now I live in an old townhome, and I can’t wait to buy a single-family residence. I

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Bristol planetarium during the day


Before you judge, let me just tell you—a planetarium is cooler than you think. Taking your date to one is a great way to experience the universe. One of the local community colleges where I live happens to have an amazing planetarium. Each first Friday of the month they have “Astronomy Nights,” where they open

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