Cheap Dates

Dollar Stretching ideas with full-priced fun

It’s not always bad to be a cheapskate. Some of the most rewarding, enjoyable, dates can be ones that don’t wind up costing you an arm and a leg. In this section of cheap dates, you will find a wide variety of clever ideas that won’t break the bank.

Go for a drive cartoon couple in blue car with scenic desert landscape

Go for a Drive

Sometimes it’s nice to get in your car and go for a drive around the countryside, city, or along the coast; whatever scenery fits your style. Having a convertible makes it even better— put the top down and enjoy the wind in your hair if you have hair . . . I personally don’t, but …

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Kite flying, let's go fly a kite. Colorful kite flying in a cloudy blue sky.

Kite Flying

Making things together can be an enjoyable activity to do on a date. Now, don’t freak out; I know getting crafty can seem like a lame thing to do, especially to guys. But hear me out. Something simple to make is a kite. Kites are nostalgic, easy to use, and combine both indoors and outdoors. …

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