Group Dates

The more the merrier

There is one simple truth that exists in dating: sometimes, dates are just more fun with a group of people.


In fact, some ideas actually require that you have more than two people involved. Group dates not only create a fun atmosphere that includes everyone, you’re also usually in for a bit of comedy relief throughout the date. With that many personalities involved, you’re bound to have a good laugh. Also, groups tend to be really good first date opportunities, as it’s a chance to get to know someone in a low-pressure environment.

Play board games group date idea people playing games on wooden table.

Play Board Games

One thing I love to do is play board games, from Settlers of Catan to 7 Wonders, to Dominion, along with some of the classics like Monopoly or Risk. If your date happens to like board games, it makes for a great group date activity. Game nights are bound to have lots of laughs, friendly …

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Go to a rodeo cowboy on the back of a bronco

Go to a Rodeo

Put on those boots and put on that cowboy or cowgirl hat, grab a group of friends or just the two of you and go to a rodeo. Rodeos are very entertaining; you get to see barrel raises, bull riding, calf roping, etc. Everyone is dressed up like a cowboy or cowgirl—it’s a lot of …

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