Group Dates

The more the merrier

There is one simple truth that exists in dating: sometimes, dates are just more fun with a group of people.


In fact, some ideas actually require that you have more than two people involved. Group dates not only create a fun atmosphere that includes everyone, you’re also usually in for a bit of comedy relief throughout the date. With that many personalities involved, you’re bound to have a good laugh. Also, groups tend to be really good first date opportunities, as it’s a chance to get to know someone in a low-pressure environment.

person eating cheese fondue

Fondue Party

Another food date, which is great for a group setting, is a Fondue party. Fondue is basically a type of dip in which you dip fruit, meat, vegetables, or crackers. Depending on the food you use, it can be very delicious. An example is chocolate fondue with strawberries and other fruits. Who doesn’t like taking …

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Play board games group date idea people playing games on wooden table.

Play Board Games

One thing I love to do is play board games, from Settlers of Catan to 7 Wonders, to Dominion, along with some of the classics like Monopoly or Risk. If your date happens to like board games, it makes for a great group date activity. Game nights are bound to have lots of laughs, friendly …

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