Group Dates

The more the merrier

There is one simple truth that exists in dating: sometimes, dates are just more fun with a group of people.


In fact, some ideas actually require that you have more than two people involved. Group dates not only create a fun atmosphere that includes everyone, you’re also usually in for a bit of comedy relief throughout the date. With that many personalities involved, you’re bound to have a good laugh. Also, groups tend to be really good first date opportunities, as it’s a chance to get to know someone in a low-pressure environment.

Progressive Date Couple dancing, couple in the mountains, couple sitting down with a dark

Progressive Date

First I want to point out that the word “progressive” here does not refer to anything political. It is a group date that builds upon itself. The progressive date follows a similar format as the progressive dinner, except that instead of restaurants, you’ll pick activities out of a hat. The actual dates themselves don’t necessarily …

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Progressive Dinner group of people in a restaurant

Progressive Dinner

The progressive dinner is a lot of fun but can wind up being expensive, depending on where you go. By “progressive” no I am not referring to politics. The term progressive is used because the date builds upon each other with each place that you visit. I actually heard about this idea while in college. …

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