Holiday Dates

From Christmas to Halloween – dates for all occasions

It’s time to get your “theme” on. Who doesn’t like a nice holiday-themed party? From Halloween costume activities to ugly Christmas sweater parties, this section of creative date ideas will focus on specific date ideas surrounding various holidays. This chapter will barely scratch the surface of what can be done, so let your imagination run wild.

Fireworks display above a city at night

Fireworks Display

One of the greatest and ancient manmade spectacles is a fireworks display. Fireworks were invented in China in the 7th century. Originally, the reason was to scare away evil spirits, but as time has gone on they have now become part of many cultures to celebrate various holidays or other events and religious celebrations. You’ll […]

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Costume party girl and guy dressed up like steam punk theme

Costume Party

Have you ever been to a Halloween costume party and seen couples matching some cool costume theme? That is what this date is all about. Go shopping together to the Halloween store, costume shop, or wherever else and pick some matching costumes. You could go as Ghostbusters, Blues Brothers, Star Wars characters, Marvel heroes, cartoon

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