Movie Dates

Theaters are out – a more imaginative way to watch a movie

First off, don’t get me wrong, I like going to the movie theaters a lot, but sometimes it is nice to put some thought and effort into it and create a fun and unique place to watch a movie. This section of creative date ideas focuses on interesting ways to watch a movie that doesn’t involve the Theater. Trust me—it’ll be romance galore.

Driveway movie text with projector and screen and popcorn

Driveway Movie

Since movies are a very popular thing to do for a date, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are a lot of dates that involve them. This idea is another creative movie date. The driveway movie is a fun inexpensive date idea that is something out of the ordinary. Instead of going to a drive-in […]

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movie in a fort creative date idea with blankets covering couches

Movie in a Fort

Want a really fun date idea that is free or at least very cheap? Did you ever make forts when you were a child in your living room or family room? No? Well, I sure did and it was awesome! Making forts with chairs and pillows and blankets is really fun. For this creative date

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outdoor movie text with screen popcorn yellow lawn chair and backyard

Outdoor Movie

What can I say movies are a classic thing to do for a date but don’t you ever get tired of doing the same old dinner and a movie date? What if you kept the dinner part, but instead of going to a movie theater, do something really cool and set up a place in

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