a couple country dancing on a date

Country Dancing Date Idea

One of my favorite cheaper date ideas is to take a girl country dancing. I used to go country dancing quite a bit, usually every Wednesday night. But now I haven’t gone as much, however, the country dancing date is still one of my favorite ideas.

There are all kinds of venues that you can choose from. There are country bars and grills, like Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row, or other more specific dance club venues.

My friend actually owns one here in Arizona, called Scootin Boots. It boasts the largest country dance floor in all of AZ. It is my favorite place to go. Plus, it is nice to support my friend’s business.

Usually, there is a small cover charge to get in, but some of the country bars are actually free. I don’t particularly love country music, but I do enjoy it while dancing.

Two guys and three girls country dancing.

The place I go to regularly (Scootin Boots) has an hour lesson before the main dancing begins which is awesome, especially if you or your date don’t really know how to dance.

This Country dancing date or just dancing, in general, is a great way to get to know the person you are with and even get some people-watching in at the same time.    

What you need for this Country Dancing date: 

Guy with girl country dancing in a barn

All you need is to find a place to go. Just Google “country dancing in my area” and see what options come up. Chances are in a larger city or metropolitan area you will have some options.

You can also look on Facebook or Meetup and see if you find any groups or places that offer country dancing.

If you have cowboy boots, wear them, if not, don’t worry. I do own boots, but honestly, I prefer to dance in shoes. Just recently I went country dancing and wore my flip-flops. After dinner, a few people wanted to go country dancing. I didn’t want to drive home to get shoes, haha. So I danced in my flip-flops, and still tore up the dance floor.

Other than a venue and a date, you don’t really need anything else for this country dancing date. I recommend bringing water or plan on getting some at the location.

If you go to a bar and grill that has country dancing, maybe eat dinner there first then dance.

My experience with this date: 

Matt and girl country dancing on a date.

I have done this country dancing date idea several times; it is one of my go-to activities. Recently, I took a girl out for some barbeque, then walked across the street for an incredible dessert, and ended up at a country bar for some dancing.

The area was awesome— downtown Gilbert, Arizona, full of restaurants and activities all within walking distance of each other. We danced, laughed, talked, people-watched, and had a great time. We even wound up going out on a second date, lucky me.

If you are looking to get a little exercise and be close to your date, enjoy music, then this country dancing date idea is for you. It’s totally okay if you don’t know how to dance, most places will offer lessons before the main dancing begins.

Couple country dancing on a dance floor.
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