Disco skating group date idea

Disco Roller Skating

Put on those bell-bottoms, grab your roller skates, and go back in time to the ’70s where you spend the night at a disco roller skating rink.

Most of the roller rinks will have some kind of theme night each week, and usually, they have a disco night. This is a great time to dress up with your date and do something wacky.

If you both aren’t really good at roller-skating then it should be pretty interesting. Part of the fun is dressing up in 70’s garb. Even if they don’t have a themed night, you can still dress up. Disco Roller skating is one of those dates that have lasted through the years, and can be done as a group or just as a couple. 

Couple at a roller disco skating rink

Like most group dates, you are bound to have lots of laughs and great conversation. You could go to a restaurant beforehand, dressed up, of course. Or just eat the food that they have available at the roller rink.

This works really well as a safe first-date idea as well.

What you need for this disco roller skating date: 

Find a rink to skate at, get some disco clothes, and bring skates or rent them at the rink. A simple search on Google or another search engine should find the closest skating rink to you. Then looked to see if they have themed nights. The cost is usually fairly cheap too, 8 to 10 bucks per person.

Girl dressed up for a roller disco skating rink

I am willing to bet most major metropolitans will have at least one roller skating rink. A search where I live brought up several.

Even if they don’t have a specific disco roller skating night, make sure to still dress up! Maybe you could go to the local thrift shop and pop some tags, and find outfits to wear, the wackier the better. Of course, this is a disco-oriented date idea, so sticking with the ’70s theme would be awesome.

My commentary on this date: 

I have gone Disco skating on several occasions, usually in large groups, where the girls are in plentiful supply. I was not blessed with agility and good balance when it comes to strapping moveable objects on my feet.

However, I take pride in the fact that I haven’t fallen while roller-skating since I was a kid, knock on wood. Truthfully, I never fall because even a tortoise would be able to beat my pace on the rink.

Roller blades and roller skates

Yeah, I’m old and would rather go slow than wind up breaking something. But even if I do skate like I’m 90 years old, I still have a good experience each time I go.

And without fail there is always that guy or girl that shows everyone up, and seriously tears up the rink, like a professional, putting everyone else to shame.

Sometimes they will even do couples-only songs, which will be your chance to grab your date by the hand and scoot around the rink, so some classic love song.

If you are looking for a classic date to do, time to go disco roller skating.

Watch the video I made for this date idea:

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