Frisbee golf basket on lawn at park

Frisbee Golf Date Idea

A great group date idea that blends athletics with conversation and fresh air is this Frisbee golf date, otherwise known as Disc golf, which is the proper term for it.

Frisbee golf can be played on the beach or basically anywhere that has open space. There are actually parks out that have a legitimate Disc Golf course, which consists of Metal Baskets that serve as targets. You can also just set up cones and try to hit them with your Frisbee.

First, you set up the course by putting the cones or objects in different locations around the park or beach. If you lucked out and are playing on an actual disc golf course, then you won’t need to set anything up, you will just need your discs.

Man playing frisbee golf at a park.

Next, you have a starting point where you will throw the Frisbee. The object of the game is to hit the obstacles in as few throws as possible. You throw the Frisbee and if it doesn’t hit the first time, then you pick it up where it landed and try again, setting up the course so that the distances vary from long to short.

If played in a group date scenario you could compete as a team. Maybe you could mix it up for each hole, too, like on one hole you have to both hold and throw the Frisbee, the next hole, maybe you have to throw it between your legs or over your head, etc. Have fun with it.  

What you need for this frisbee golf group date idea:  

You need a Frisbee and cones or objects to use as the “holes,” an open location to play in, or you need to find a disc golf course and bring the special discs.

If you want to play with real discs on an actual disc golf course then pick up a disc golf starter kit online or at a place like Big 5 Sporting Goods. Just do a search on Google to find a course near you.

Group of people playing disc golf.
(Me with some friends playing disc golf)

Another thing you can do is buy portable frisbee golf baskets which can be set up pretty much anywhere. That way you can play at any park, retention basin, while camping, etc. They can be expensive like this disc golf basket or cheaper like this basket.

Once you play it once or twice, if you really enjoy it, it is worth it to have some actual disc golf discs. The baskets are optional since there are lots of places that have actual courses. But if the options are limited where you live use cones or buy some baskets.

This date is pretty cheap, maybe even free if you already have the equipment, and is fun for the whole group. 

My experience with this date:

I have played Frisbee golf and Disc golf a bunch of times, on the beach and in the park, with big groups. Also, I have played many times by myself or with just a few friends. There is a park a few miles away from me that has three courses set up all around it.

Girl playing disc golf at a park

After dinner one evening, I took my date to the park and we played some disc golf. She had never heard of the game, but since she liked playing miniature golf and ultimate Frisbee she was intrigued when I described the game to her.

We had a blast searching out our targets and letting the discs fly to their intended destinations, which can be a tricky feat at times.

The disc doesn’t always want to go the direction you want; sometimes it has a mind of its own and decides to curve the wrong way and land even further away than where you started.

Yeah, good times, if that happens to your opponent. My date got a bit frustrated but had loads of fun. She just needed a bit more practice, like most new things we try. It was a great first-date activity and gave us time to talk as well as have some friendly competition.

If you are looking for a fun group date activity or cheap first date, try out Frisbee golf.

Watch the video I made for this Frisbe Golf Date

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