Rose petals on a floor with a box.

Rose Petals Date

For a very special evening, like a night to propose, or an anniversary or birthday. Do this fun romantic rose petals date for the one you love.

This is definitely one for couples that are in love, not for someone you just met.

The idea goes like this: Get into your significant other’s house (if you’re not already married), and place rose petals all around the entryway where she will first walk in.

Make a trail leading to the middle of the living room where scented candles are lit. And in the middle, a huge box waiting to be opened.

Plan to be in the house or apartment hiding—maybe you can film it on your phone. This will work well if she has a set time when she gets home each day.

When she arrives she will most definitely follow the trail of petals and will open the big present. Inside will be a smaller present. Then inside that a smaller present, and so on and so forth.

Until finally getting to the last box, which is your special gift.

If this date sounds familiar then you probably have seen the movie Serendipity, which happens to be one of my favorite romantic comedies.

Watch that scene from the movie here and you will get the idea:

What you need for this rose petals date idea: 

First, you need a lot of rose petals. You could probably call the flower shop ahead of time and ask them to save some for you. Otherwise, you will have to buy all the roses and pluck the petals yourself.

Sometimes the shops already have packages of rose petals ready to go. Then you will have to buy scented candles, as well.

Several rose petals on the ground

It is up to you how many boxes you want to wrap, but I think the more there is the more anticipation there would be.

All that is left to buy is the present. It could be an engagement ring, an anniversary necklace or ring, or maybe something silly for her birthday.

If you are going through all the effort and expense I would make the gift pretty special. This rose petals date will definitely be the envy of all her friends.

Then plan on eating dinner together after, or have a treat, and of course, dancing. Maybe make her something special, like her favorite dessert. Head over to my other website In The Kitchen With Matt for lots of recipes.  

My commentary on this date: 

Man and woman on couch kissing with rose petals

I experience this date every time I watch the movie Serendipity. My movie world collides with my real-life world and then I realize this type of thing doesn’t only have to be done in the movies.

The date isn’t too complex to think up, it isn’t some off-the-wall incredibly genius date either, it is merely a creative romantic date that anyone can do if they put enough time and effort and a little expense into it.

One of my best friends recently did a very similar idea to this when he proposed to his now-wife. Let’s just say she was floored, and absolutely loved the proposal. Brownies points!

If you are looking to propose, or just wow your spouse or significant other definitely do this rose petals date. It is sure to be one for the memory books.

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