play spin the bottle, couple kissing with a bottle pointing at the woman.

Spin the Bottle

Say what? Spin the bottle? Why yes, it’s that game. You know, the one you secretly wished to be able to play when you were thirteen, the one that may have given you your first awkward kiss. For a hilarious time and a bit of nostalgia, you could play spin the bottle with your group. …

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Formal dance girl in red dance dancing with a man

Formal Dance

I must admit, one of my favorite parts in fairytale movies and romantic comedies is when the princess, heroine, or whoever it is, gets all dress up to go to the ball or formal dance. Can’t you picture it? She walks in and it seems like time stands still. The prince or hero gets a …

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Where's waldo in a mall with shops and people

Where’s Waldo

Another fun free group date activity is playing Where’s Waldo in the mall. Do you like dressing up? Do you like the thrill of sneaking around, blending in with the crowd, and avoiding detection? Like the thrill of the hunt? Hide and seek? This game is for you. What you do is have one of …

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