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Write A Poem

Writing a poem is definitely not an easy task, and sometimes it might be cheesy, but it works. People love getting things that were made or written especially for them. If you want to tell your significant other how you feel in a way other than the ordinary or customary, you could write a poem for them. The poem doesn’t have to be some masterful work of literary genius but can be simple and sweet. To get ideas you can check out a poetry book from the library, or find a how-to article or video online to help you write it.

A poem would make a wonderful present for a birthday or Valentine’s Day, and it also would make a perfect “just because” present. It could be one of those little notes that you attach to the outside of their car, or put in an envelope and drop in their mailbox.   

What you need for this creative gift idea:

Notepad with pencils and pens on a yellow background

You need your brain, your inspiration, and a pen or computer. You could write the poem and then add clip art or other pictures to it and laminate it or frame it, or just fold it up. An interesting idea would be to put it in a nice envelope, then wrap some red ribbon around it with a rose attached. Have it sitting on her dinner plate. You could use one of the romantic dinner date ideas that I have written about or come up with one of your own. Maybe you want to leave the poem as a note on their car. So they can find it the next day and start their day off that much better.

Or how about this idea? You could break the poem up into several notes and number them. Then you could give that person each part of the note in a different way. Maybe the first part of the poem is on the car windshield. Then the next part is placed with their lunch or something. Attach one to the remote control for the TV. Place one in the napkin, you get the idea. This brings even more excitement to it. Then when all of them have been found they can be pieced together into one finished poem.

A complete full version could be given at that point. It could be framed, laminated, etc. The possibilities are endless! Let your imagination run wild with this one.

My commentary on this write a poem idea: 

I have written poems before. Just not for anyone special yet. This gift goes beyond flowers and chocolates. It is probably not something that you would want to give early on in a relationship. But when the inspiration and mood strike you go for it! I have a friend who wrote one for his wife for her birthday. She loved it, and the poem was so good that she sent it to a publisher, and it got published. Isn’t that awesome?

            The Look in Your Eyes

                    A poem by Matt Taylor

            I can’t help but notice

            The look in your eyes

            Magical, incredible, leaves me hypnotized.

            I can’t help but notice

            The way you touch me,

            Amazing, wonderful, incredible glee.

            I can’t help but notice

            The beauty of your face

            Gorgeous, lovely, full of grace.

            I can’t help but notice

            The way that we’ll be,

            Charming, fascinating, the way you love me.

I just wrote this poem while writing this section. It took me about fifteen minutes. I didn’t even have a girl in mind, as I was writing it; I guess I was thinking about how I would want to feel when I looked into my future significant other’s eyes. This poem isn’t some work of genius I could probably spend more time with it and perfect it. It also is a bit cliche but who cares. It’s not like I want to enter it into a poetry contest or something, haha.

How to write a poem

It has been quite a while since my college creative writing class. But normally when I write a poem I start with a goal. What do I want to achieve with the poem? Do I want to evoke some sort of emotion? Make the person smile? Maybe I want it to be funny? It definitely helps to have some inspiration. That inspiration can come from anywhere. Maybe you saw the most amazing flower and it reminded you of that person somehow. Or maybe some other object, place, etc. brought up a memory that you want to capture. Simile’s work great, comparing that person to something else.

Your eyes glisten like sapphires in the pale moonlight.

Do you want your poem to rhyme? A lot of them do, but then again a lot of them don’t. If you aren’t that good of a rhymer, don’t worry about it. Again what you write doesn’t really matter as much as the thought and effort that went into it. Your significant other will love it!

There are all kinds of resources that you can find online if you really want to perfect your poetry. Or just write whatever you feel and it will be fine. Now get out there and write a poem for someone special!

Do you have experience with this creative gift idea? Let me know in the comments how it went and the recipient liked it. You can buy a copy of the book 101 Creative Dates: ideas, tips, and personal experiences from the life of a hopeless romantic here or visit the shop.

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