Couple on balcony with text that reads the push her over the edge tremendously romantic date

The Push Her Over the Edge Tremendously Romantic Date

I call this date “The push her over the edge tremendously romantic date,” because I was going to use it on a girl that I liked a lot. And I thought she really liked me as well, so I planned a date that would let her know how I felt while also finding out exactly how she felt.

The idea is this: you show up at your date’s house, both of you dressed up classy (REMEMBER this date is not a first date idea. It is a romantic date that should be used with caution. It will work well with a spouse or significant other, and maybe also to push that special someone over the edge which hopefully—for you—will result in winding up with a significant other). This creative date idea would make for an excellent proposal as well or a perfect Valentine’s Day date.

Your date should know beforehand that you are taking her to a special restaurant that you think she will really like. Blindfold her and lead her to your car, then drive around until you get to your friend’s house. You open the door and your friend is dressed up as a waiter, who then leads you to the balcony where a table is set up with candles and romantic lighting. The sun is going down at this time. Sunsets are magical and make everything more romantic.

Isn’t it romantic?

Dinner table set up with hearts and the word love.

Then remove the blindfold. There are cool little menus that you created beforehand laying on the table. On the menu is a special recipe, or a favorite dish, or maybe food from your date’s favorite restaurant. If you like to cook then maybe the menu is a dish that you know how to make really well. Visit my other blog In the Kitchen with Matt to get some ideas of things to make. Remember the atmosphere is what counts here, not necessarily the quality of the food, just as long as you know your date will like it. Have music playing in the background. If you prepared Italian food, make it Italian music, etc.

It’s all about the romantic mood

This will help set the mood, especially before you take off the blindfold. By then, your date should think they are in a restaurant. You could even have background restaurant noises playing to further set the ambiance and sell the restaurant atmosphere. Clever right?

Illustrated man and woman slow dancing.

When your friend has finished serving you both dinner and dessert, have the music change to a favorite love song and slow dance on the balcony. When the sun is gone and the dancing is finished, retire to the family room and cuddle up and watch a romantic comedy together. Voila—a very fun, romantic, creative date.  

What you need for this date: 

You need a lot of things for this date. For one, you need a friend with a house or apartment that has a balcony and a great view. If not, improvise. Second, you need to prepare the menus, food, blindfold, flowers if you want them, table, music and whatever movie you are going to watch. There are a lot of details involved with this date and the more detail you have, the better it will be.

My commentary on this tremendously romantic date:

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The perfectly planned romantic date idea that never actually happened. Excitement filled the air as I worked out the different details for the evening. I had the date all planned, she was sure to be impressed with the time and effort and attention to detail. My friend was actually going out of town that weekend and said that I could use his house, which had a perfect balcony and an incredible view. I was going to have another friend come and be the waiter. It’s good to have friends willing to do these kinds of things.

The girl I’d been dating for a while, Jessica, came over and I told her I had a surprise date I wanted to take her on. Without giving away anything I talked the date up saying that she was really going to like it. The location, the food, etc. was amazing. It was pretty smooth with my approach, or so I thought.

Wait, what?

We talked about going out, which she then replied that she couldn’t go. Her tone of voice was off. I then asked her if I should keep asking her out. She said, “Under what pretenses?” Then I said something like, “Well, we have been going out for a while, yadda, yadda.” She confessed that she didn’t want a boyfriend, which basically meant she didn’t want to date me anymore and just wanted to be friends. Ah, the good ole “F” word.

My heart sunk, it felt like I had been punched really hard in the gut. A flood of emotions filled me as I stared at her. “Okay” Is all that I could muster. Little did she know what I had planned. I will admit I had already fallen hard for her, and that was not what I was expecting to happen. I am still not quite sure what happened.

Check out this video on the push her over the edge tremendously romantic date

Do you have experience with this creative date idea? Let me know in the comments how you liked it. You can buy a copy of the book 101 Creative Dates: ideas, tips, and personal experiences from the life of a hopeless romantic here or visit the shop.

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