Fireworks display above a city at night

Fireworks Display

One of the greatest and ancient manmade spectacles is a fireworks display. Fireworks were invented in China in the 7th century. Originally, the reason was to scare away evil spirits, but as time has gone on they have now become part of many cultures to celebrate various holidays or other events and religious celebrations.

You’ll be able to see fireworks shows almost anywhere worldwide on New Year’s Eve, and here in the United States, you can find multiple fireworks displays over the 4th of July.  Disneyland puts on some amazing fireworks shows as well, and you don’t have to wait for a holiday to see those.

Whatever the occasion, grab a date, turn your face to the night sky, and maybe even cuddle up on a blanket. Be amazed as little bits of combustible paper tubes are shot up like rockets into the air and explode, showering the sky with wondrous colors. Who knows, maybe you will take that opportunity to make your own “fireworks” with your date.

If you want you could create your own fireworks display with sparklers and other legal fireworks in your area. Invite other couples over and light them off in the front yard.

Man and woman watching a fireworks display over a city.

What you need for this fireworks display creative date idea:

This date idea is fairly straightforward; look online for a cool fireworks display to attend. Then, depending on the venue, you may or may not need to bring a blanket and chairs.

Maybe bring some snacks and drinks to enjoy before and after the display. Again, it will depend on the type of venue that you attend. Who knows you may be able to combine this date idea with the rooftop dinner date idea and watch fireworks while eating dinner. Talk about romantic!

girl and boy holding sparklers

My experience with this creative date idea:

I have attended fireworks displays on numerous occasions. I have always been fascinated with fire and fireworks and was even a bit of a pyro in my younger years.

One evening sticks out in my mind. Several years ago while in college, my roommates and I took our dates out to dinner and then drove over to a large golf course that was going to be putting on a fireworks display for the 4th of July.

We put out blankets and talked until the show began. It was an amazing show set to some classic rock music. I will never forget the finale set to Neil Diamond’s “America”. Probably the best fireworks show I have ever seen.

On another occasion, I was with a buddy of mine and we were attending a concert on one of the piers in San Francisco. Afterward, they had an amazing fireworks display shooting out over the bay which was simply incredible. The only thing that would have made it more incredible is if I was on a date.

Older couple watching fireworks

So if you are looking for something fun to do in the evening during a holiday or special event, grab your date and watch a fireworks display. It is sure to be an “explosive” date.

Do you have experience with this creative date idea? Let me know in the comments how it went and if your date, spouse, significant other liked it. You can buy a copy of the book 101 Creative Dates: ideas, tips, and personal experiences from the life of a hopeless romantic here or visit the shop.

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