Couple cooking food together.

Group Date Idea: Cook-Off

Struggling to come up with a fun group date idea for you and your friends? Do you like to cook? Or maybe you like watching others cook and tasting their food? If you love food and interacting with your date in a group setting this group date idea is for you.

Bring out the competitive spirit and put your culinary skills to the test by having a cook-off with your group. For this group date idea, it is all about food.

Have your friends and their dates or spouses meet you at your place, or a designated house and cook some food together.

You could have three categories, like the best appetizer, best main course, best dessert, etc.

Couple on a group date cooking together.

One couple can be the judge while the rest create a main course or dish, or maybe you can all vote on which one is the best. Then afterward, you’ll of course have a ton of fun eating all the food.

Knowing how to cook, and cook well, is quite an impressive skill to have. Ladies love it, men love it—you can’t go wrong with showing off cooking talents. You could do it with any idea, whether it is the main dish, or a dessert, or an appetizer you don’t have to do all three.

The important thing is to have a fun time cooking with your date; winning the competition comes in second. A close second. It’s up to you what the prize for the winner will be. Although having a prize to be won, makes things even more interesting. Maybe everyone pitches in for a gift card or something that goes to the winner.   

What you need for this group date idea:

Several ingredients on a table.

For this group date idea, you need all the ingredients for whatever dish you are going to make. To keep it fair for each couple, you should set a limit on how much you can spend on the ingredients. Make them come up with something delicious for only $5 or $10, or whatever amount you decide.

This will definitely test your creativity with food. You could all meet at one place before setting the rules, then go to the store and get the stuff, take it back to your individual places and cook it, then all meet back at one place and have the judging and eating party.

Large kitchen for a group date idea

You may, depending on the size of the kitchen, all be able to cook at the same location, but again, that will depend on the size of the kitchen, how many burners and ovens there are, etc. Maybe even set it up like the show Chopped and list 4 different ingredients that each couple has to use in their dish.

Not sure how to cook or need some ideas for recipes, make sure to check out my food blog, In The Kitchen With Matt.

My commentary on this group date idea: 

I have never competed in a cook-off but I think it would be a really fun thing to do, especially in a date setting. Watch out, Iron Chef! With that said, I have been to plenty of potlucks where there was most certainly a secret competition to see who brought the best food.

And I earn my main living teaching people how to cook and bake via my cooking channel on YouTube and my food blog. Food is my passion, so naturally, I would come up with a few or several date ideas the revolve around food, haha.

Check out the video I made for this cook-off group date idea:

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