Hot air balloon ride 3 balloons flying over the ocean

Hot Air Balloon Ride

For a really fun and exciting creative adventure, take your date on a hot air balloon ride. Not the cheapest of dates or adventures, but it’s amazing and well worth the money. Only the birds might have a better view than you on this date.

Can you imagine soaring 500 to 1000 feet above the ground, watching the breathtaking view around you? This is the type of thing you’ll talk about for a long time.  Since it’s pricey, it could be the type of date that you save up for and plan for a special day like an anniversary, honeymoon, birthday, or Valentine’s day.

How about proposing to your special someone high above the land? Could you imagine bending down on one knee, high up in the sky with a view like no other? That’s a guaranteed yes, right there. Just make sure you hold onto that ring, if you drop it over the edge, you definitely won’t be finding it.

hot air balloon ride over the mountains

What you need for this hot air balloon ride date: 

You will have to find out which hot air balloon company you’ll want to use, which can easily be found online. If you have to drive very far it could easily become a whole day event, so plan accordingly. Or maybe you want to make it a weekend event.

My commentary on this date:

A buddy of mine took his girlfriend on a hot air balloon ride once. They totally dug the experience, they said it was probably one of the most thrilling adventures they’d ever had. They couldn’t get over how amazing it was to fly above scenic mountains, forests, and lakes. Incredible, simply incredible. Recently a friend of mine and her brother went on a ride here in the Phoenix area. The experience of a lifetime they said.

Several hot air balloons flying up in the clouds

Are hot air balloon rides safe?

Hot air balloon rides are considered a very safe activity. With many rides taken every day and very few accidents each year. For more information on hot air balloon ride, safety go here.

How much do hot air balloon rides cost?

This will definitely be one of the more expensive dates that you can plan. They typically cost between $150 and $200 per person depending on where you are located. Twilight rides cost much more and can be up to $900 per couple.

Do you have experience with this creative date idea? Let me know in the comments how it went and if your date, spouse, significant other liked it. You can buy a copy of the book 101 Creative Dates: ideas, tips, and personal experiences from the life of a hopeless romantic here or visit the shop.

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