three-legged ultimate frisbee text with blue frisbee and girl standing on grass with frisbee in her hand

Three-Legged Ultimate Frisbee

Have you ever played, ultimate frisbee? Well, for a twist on the game, get a big group together and play three-legged ultimate frisbee.

Make sure you pick someone that you don’t mind being attached to for the duration of the game, as you’ll be quite close. This is a good date that blends humor with athletics and is pretty funny to see couples falling over as they go for the Frisbee. This is completely free, as long as you have things around the house you can use as ties. You can play it in a park or on a school field, or anywhere with a large amount of grass. I don’t recommend playing it on cement unless you’re yearning for a bloody nose. Basically, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll fall over at some point in the game.

How do you play ultimate frisbee?

Guy with black hat playing ultimate frisbee in the sand

For those of you who may not be familiar with ultimate frisbee, the best way to describe it is it is kind of like soccer meets football meets frisbee. It is a non-contact team sport played on a field. You have two teams that will play each other. Generally, you have 5 or 7 players on each team depending on where you are playing, grass, beach/sand, or indoor. Sometimes there will be more or less.

The main idea of the game is getting the frisbee across the opposing team’s endzone. How is that accomplished? The person with the frisbee stands in place, can’t move and will throw the frisbee to another player, advancing the frisbee further down the field toward the enzone, much like football or soccer. People on the team will run around and try and get open. They will be covered by the opposing team members. There are rules for interference, out of bounds, etc. as well. You can find more information on how to play the game here.

Essentially one team starts near their enzone and throws the frisbee across the field to the other team. Everyone runs down the field to meet the other team. A member throws the frisbee and another team member catches it, stops, and throws it to another team member. If the frisbee is dropped. The other team picks it up and tries to advanced the frisbee the other way. Ultimate frisbee is an active game that is perfect in a group date scenario.

What you need for this three-legged ultimate frisbee group date: 

Ultimate frisbee disc

It’s simple; all you need is a large group, a place to play, and some ties, the softer the better. You also need the most important item: a Frisbee, or a disc, as hard-core Ultimate Frisbee players will call it. When you get to the field, divide up into teams and then tie the legs together of the couples and have at it! Let the laughter and enjoyment commence.

My experience with this group date idea:

Several years ago, a large group of us got together and did a date. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money so we picked something that would be really fun but cheap. Three-legged ultimate Frisbee was my choice, and after I told everyone how it was done, they thought it would be awesome. It was sort of a blind date, in a way, where all the guys’ names are in a hat and all the girls’ names are in another hat. The names were drawn and a guy was paired up with a girl. If it were a total mismatch, like a 5’10 girl with a 5’3 guy, we would change it by putting one of the names back and drawing again until at least the heights matched. 

We got our dates and went to a sandwich place first for lunch. My date was a girl that was cool, but I didn’t have any interest in her. It was still fun eating lunch and chatting with the group, though. After lunch, we headed to the park. To make it totally free, you can skip the lunch part.

The park

At the park, we got out the ties which were basically shoelaces, divided the couples into teams and began. It was hilarious watching as couples tripped over each, banged shoulders, and just stumbled all over the place. It was a blast, but my ankle got terribly sore because I got stuck with the worst of the ties. Remember how I said to bring soft ties? Listen to that advice. Overall, everyone that came enjoyed the experience. Dating success!

Watch this video I made about three-legged ultimate frisbee

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