Couple working out in a gym doing yoga.

Working Out Cheap Date Idea

Picture this: music fades in, and it’s one of the most iconic working out songs of all time, Eye of the Tiger. It plays with unabashed intensity; you smile at your date as you tie your shoelaces, and then take a long swig of water.

You both set off on a jog around the neighborhood or some scenic running trail. Not many words are spoken; you just enjoy each other’s company as you burn the calories from last night’s glorious dinner and the slice of cheesecake you both felt guilty and not guilty about eating.

Oh by the way if you need a good cheesecake recipe I have got you covered on my food blog.

Or maybe you both eye each other on yoga mats, during that class that is much too early on a Saturday morning. Eyes locked, perfect stretching, serenity.

Man and woman working out at the gym

As you can probably guess, for this cheap date idea, go and sweat your guts out! Working out whether running, going to the gym, rock climbing— or even taking a fun aerobics class.

I am not joking when I say this idea works really well with the right person. Is the gym not your thing? There are always paddleboats or even just swimming at the lake.

If you’re feeling up for a challenge, take a spin class together (those things are legit), or do some yoga. If you’re trying to get back into shape, it’s much easier to stay motivated when the object of your heart’s desire is right there beside you doing the same thing. 

Working out is a fun cheap date idea that will also help keep those dreaded pounds off, haha.

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What you need for this working out cheap date idea: 

This one is pretty simple; head to your local gym, running trail, or down your neighborhood streets. It all depends on the location and activity you choose.

Want to make it more scenic? Run at a beautiful part or around a nearby lake.

Couple running on a trail near a lake.

Is it warm outside? If so, search on Google for some local venues that have aerobics, yoga, palates, etc, classes that you can attend.

If you have a gym membership, likely you will have a guest pass which is even better.

My commentary with this date: 

I frequent the gym quite a bit, and I constantly see couples working out together. It’s something I really enjoy, so why wouldn’t I want a cute girl there with me?

Man and woman working out at a gym

I can’t think of a better spotter than my crush as I pump some iron on the bench press, looking down at me with her amazing eyes or holding my feet as I do crunches.

Pretty darn awesome if you ask me. I’ve also taken girls on dates to a rock climbing place on several occasions and had a blast each time. But I have a whole date idea surrounding the indoor climbing gym, so I won’t spoil it here.

Whatever the venue, location, etc. Time to get your sweat on and enjoy working out with your date. Have fun!

Check out the video I made about this working out cheap date idea:

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