candlelight dinner on an overpass footbridge crossing a large river with a city in the background

Candlelight Dinner on an Overpass

Yeah, I know, it’s another candlelight dinner. So what? Can you blame me for being romantic? It’s not my fault that candles add an irresistible glow to absolutely everything. I’d be doing dating a disservice if I didn’t include candles in some of my date ideas. Anyways, excuse my rant. Moving on . . . to this candlelight dinner on an overpass creative date idea.

A wonderfully creative place to set up a candlelight dinner is on top of an overpass or footbridge. Hundreds of cars will pass underneath or fish if it is over a river, allowing you to show the world that you aren’t afraid if everyone knows how much you dig the person that you’re with. Do it near sunset to heighten the romance. Make sure to have a friend dress up and be the waiter. You could buy the food or cook it yourself, depending on what your date likes.

Yellow footbridge overpass extending to buildings

Don’t forget dessert! If you need some awesome ideas of what to make, visit my food blog. When creating a romantic dinner, always make sure you are making or buying food that you know your date will love. This is another one of those little things that let them know you’re paying attention to what they say.

This date really should only be done with someone that likes you a lot or loves you; you could possibly use this as the “I like you more than a friend” date, but make sure it isn’t your first date.    

What you need for this candlelight dinner on an overpass date idea: 

First, you need to find an overpass that has easy access so you can set up the table and food. Sometimes you can find footbridges that are solely for pedestrians, other times you may find an overpass for cars that have foot traffic sidewalks, either will work. Although, the pedestrian-only overpass is probably the best idea. You may be able to find a footbridge that extends over a large river, if so, even better! The sun shimmering off the water during sunset will make quite the spectacle. Or maybe somewhere in the mountains that has a bridge fairly close to where you park for easy access.

Second, make sure there’s good weather, as this date really doesn’t work in the rain or snow. A nice sunset would work perfectly. Bring an mp3 player or use your phone so you can have mood music, as well.

Have one of your friends be the waiter or waitress. It wouldn’t hurt to blindfold your date as you lead her to your destination, either. Then have a small foldable table and chairs that you can set up. Don’t forget the candle holders and candles and tablecloths. Always use a tablecloth. A nice picnic basket can hold the silverware and plates and food then you can set up the table.

I am telling you, girls really like this type of thing. I was talking to a friend of mine and she said that girls really love flowers, creative dates, and other things that let them know the guy is thinking about them. The more effort you put into being unique, the more it communicates you’re different than just any other date out there. Obviously this the same rules apply if the girl is setting up the date.

Girl with brown hair standing on a footbridge in the forest

My commentary on this creative date idea: 

When I was a young lad, my second oldest brother did something truly spectacular, crazy, off the wall, and totally awesome for his girlfriend. He set up a candlelight dinner on one of the catwalk overpasses that you take on foot from one side of the freeway to the park on the other side. It was so cool.

The only problem was that it was really windy that day, so the food quickly got cold. But it was fun—people driving underneath honked their horns. Some guy stopped on the side of the road and took a picture; I think he was from a newspaper or something.

At the time, I didn’t truly understand the importance of such a creative romantic gesture; I just thought my bro was funny and did funny silly things for his girlfriend. As I grew up, I began to understand women, at least somewhat, and it was then I realized that my brother totally had it figured out. He knew how to create that excitement in his relationships. He knew how to keep the girls coming back for more.

Watch the video I made for this creative date idea here:

Do you have experience with this creative date idea? Let me know in the comments how it went and if your date, spouse, significant other liked it. You can buy a copy of the book 101 Creative Dates: ideas, tips, and personal experiences from the life of a hopeless romantic here or visit the shop.

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