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Fondue Party

Another food date, which is great for a group setting, is a Fondue party. Fondue is basically a type of dip in which you dip fruit, meat, vegetables, or crackers. Depending on the food you use, it can be very delicious.

An example is chocolate fondue with strawberries and other fruits. Who doesn’t like taking a giant ripe strawberry and dipping it into silky smooth warm chocolate? Heaven on earth, I tell you.

This fondue party group date allows for very good conversation, a place to tell stories, reminisce, or just relax and eat good food. After eating, do something fun: board games, add-on storytelling, etc.

The fondue party date idea pairs very well with other date ideas. Or you can just leave it as just the fondue and conversation with no other activity afterward.  

What you need for this Fondue party group date idea: 

Table set for a fondue party with chocolate and cheese and other things.

When it comes to putting together a Fondue party you can do a few options. The first and more expensive option would be to go to a fondue restaurant like The Melting Pot. The melting pot is a popular fondue restaurant chain in the United States. It is fairly pricey around $50 to $60 per person, but it is all you can eat fondue!

The other option would be to make the fondue at home and have the party there. This would be a more cozy atmosphere and definitely cheaper to do.

You need the recipe and all the ingredients, which is pretty simple. Basically, you get some chocolate candy wafers and melt them until smooth.

If you happen to have a chocolate fountain or know someone who has one, that is a bonus—those things are awesome. Or you can buy something like this fondue set.

Hand dipping meat in cheese fondue.

You also need the food that will be dipped in the fondue, like different kinds of fruit, strawberries, grapes, bananas, for example. Step it up a notch by decorating the table with a nice tablecloth, good china, centerpiece, candles, etc.

This works great for a dessert experience. But you can also do more of the main course by having cheese fondue, with bread and meats and veggies that you dip. If you got something like this fondue set, you can use it for cheese first and then do chocolate after.

If you wanted you could plan a full three-course meal all fondue-related. Now that would be awesome.

My experience with this fondue party idea: 

Cheese fondue in a pot.

Several years ago for dinner one summer evening, my sister-in-law and brother made a fondue party for all of us. My friend was over as well, but she was just a friend.

Yes, it’s perfectly okay to have a date with a friend without any further expectations of having another date; just two good friends getting together for an enjoyable time.

The food was scrumptious. We had a milk chocolate fondue, as well as a marshmallow cream fondue and cheese fondue.

We had a variety of fruits that we dipped in the chocolate and marshmallow, and then a spread of crackers and meats that we dipped in the cheese. The conversation flowed as we chatted about various things from movies to sports, and even told some stories from the past. The evening was an excellent one.

If you love food and are looking for a fun group date idea, give this fondue party a try. Enjoy!

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