couple sharing a brown bag lunch on top of a mountain

Brown Bag Lunch Date Idea

One way to see how much your date pays attention to the things you say is to plan an activity that involves eating lunch but in brown-bag form. Time to get creative with this spin on a classic picnic date and do this brown bag lunch date idea.

The idea is this. Tell your date to pack a lunch and that you will do the same, except that you’ll be making the lunch for each other.

When you get to the park, beach, mountains, or wherever, you exchange lunches and see if your date likes what you got them.

Couple on bench with brown bag lunches.

You might include things like their favorite gum or candy bar, favorite type of sandwich, chips, etc. This is something different than going to a restaurant and is a unique twist to the whole picnic idea.

The cost is minimal for this as well and could definitely be done as a group date idea. If there are several people, you could put all the lunches in the middle. Then sit around them in a circle, play some sort of game, and the winner gets to pick a lunch first. And so on and so forth until everyone has lunch. Think White Elephant Gift exchange but with food.

To be funny, place something odd in there. But nothing too crazy—you don’t want anyone to starve, so make sure everything is edible. Maybe you want to make it like a kid lunch, complete with Lunchables and all. Or maybe, put something like edible crickets, haha.

Brown bag lunches

Does the other person have a fondness for soda? Maybe go to a place like Rocket Fizz and pick out a unique drink. You can also find nostalgic candy there as well.

If you’re still not convinced of this idea, I can assure you, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon and get some laughs while you’re at it.  

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What you need for this brown bag lunch date idea: 

Couple having a picnic on a beach.

First, you need to pay attention to that person. Find out what kinds of food they like to eat, don’t like, favorite treats, etc. Are they gluten-free, Vegan, on a keto diet, etc.? Not only will it help for the brown bag lunch date, but you will score some points for paying attention to what they say.

You need a brown bag/lunch sack, food, and a place to go. Maybe there is a new park you haven’t been to yet. Or a fun hiking trail you want to go on. Take a scenic drive first and then break out the lunches. This lunch date idea combines well with several other ideas too, or you can just do lunch.

For a group date, just make sure everyone knows what they are supposed to do. Make a lunch bring their dates to the designated location, etc.

My commentary on this date: 

Group of people on a brown bag lunch date.

The idea for this date stems from my fondness for white elephant gift exchanges. Although if not in a group setting, you won’t be switching lunches back and forth.

The humor is usually priceless with a group, and the frantic behavior of people trying to get an actual good gift is hilarious. The pouting of those who once had a cool gift but are now deprived of a present fairy tales are made of all bring a smile to my face.

I have participated in many of these exchanges. Since I love food, I thought it would be both an excellent cheap group date, as well as a romantic activity with just you and that special someone.

The response for this particular date activity is pretty much the same as with the white elephant gift exchange, but with even more enthusiasm because it is a great twist on a popular tradition that most people haven’t done before.  

If you are looking for a fun twist on a classic picnic date idea, try this brown bag lunch date idea either with just the two of you or for a group date.

Check out this video I made for this fun date idea:

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