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Movie Star Date Idea

The movie star date idea is quite the extravagant date, and likely the most expensive one in this book, but one that surely will be remembered and win you more brownie points than you can handle. And who can ever have too many brownie points?

First, research some of the most exotic or romantic restaurants in the country, then call and make reservations for the one that you think will be the winner.

Some restaurants of this nature will need to be reserved a couple of weeks (or months) in advance. After you have done that, buy two round-trip plane tickets to that destination.

You can leave and come back on the same day, or spend the weekend there as well. Have a limo reserved and waiting when you arrive and see some of the sites before going to the restaurant.

Make sure the limo picks you up afterward and takes you back to the airport or to the nice hotel you’ve picked out. The idea is to have your date feel like she is a movie star for the day/weekend. Let her experience the life of luxury.

And make sure you are both dressed to the nines. Being dressed up really nice will make it even better.

Couple dressed going to a restaurant for their movie star date.

What you need for this movie star date idea:

You need to find some cool restaurants, which can be done by browsing the web. Fine dining is the key here. Make reservations with the restaurant and limo service, and also with a hotel if you are staying that long.

Make sure to pick a 5-star restaurant that will have your significant other’s favorite food. If you wanted to go to New York and her favorite food was Italian, just do a Yelp or Google search for “5 Star Italian Restaurants in New York City”.

Fine dining at a restaurant

Have the limo driver bring flowers to give to your date. If you really wanted to be clever you could tell the waiter or waitress, without your date knowing, to ask one of the other patrons to walk up and ask her for her autograph.

If you book a hotel room, have flowers, chocolates, and maybe a fondue fountain set up in the room for you when you return from the evening’s activities.

Prepare a hot bath and allow your special someone some time to relax.    

My commentary on this date: 

Man proposing to a woman on their romantic movie star date.

I have heard of people doing something similar to this where they fly somewhere and eat, walk around a bit, then fly home all in the same day. Money has always been tight or I have never had someone special enough to do a date like this. So I personally have not done this movie star date idea. But how can this idea not be amazing?

I wanted to make sure, however, that readers of all income levels had creative date ideas. Not just all expensive or cheap or even free dates. I love this movie star date idea and can’t wait to plan something like this for my future significant other or spouse. This might be a great anniversary date as well and is of course perfect for a proposal.

If you want to really impress your spouse or significant other, plan this movie star date idea! It truly will be one amazing memorable time.

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