People playing truth or dare Jenga

Truth or Dare Jenga Group Date Idea

Relive childhood memories by playing Truth or Dare Jenga on a group date activity. This is great for a first date, but also fun for couples that have been together for a long time. And if you really wanted to you could skip the Jenga part and just play Truth or Dare, haha.

In case you didn’t already know, Jenga is a game where you have little rectangular blocks stacked up into a tower, and the object is to pull out individual blocks without letting the tower fall.

Truth or dare Jenga is the same idea, but there are truths and dares written on the blocks of wood. The green blocks have “truth” questions. The red blocks have “dares.”

Whatever block you pick you will have to do what it says or answer the question on it. If you skip it, you have to pick another block.

If the pile falls down, the person responsible will have to do the ultimate dare or whatever the group decides. The game is usually inexpensive to buy or you can just borrow it from someone. I know it sounds childish but hey, it is really a lot of fun. 

Woman playing Jenga

What you need for this Truth or Dare Jenga group date idea:

You can buy Truth or Dare Jenga at any store that sells board games. That is the only expense that you will need. If you already have the game or can borrow it, then it’ll be totally free.

Also, you can find the original Truth or Dare Jenga version here, but there are also lots of variations that you can choose depending on your group.

If you like instead of actually buying this version of the game, just use a normal version and come up with your own truth or dares.

Plan on making or having people bring snacks and treats. Food always makes things better. You can do this activity after one of the dinner-making date ideas, or have it be its own separate group date.

Truth or dare Jenga game on a table.

My experience with this group date idea:

My friend, Jason, and I were both set up on a blind date by a mutual friend of ours. We wanted to do something fun that wouldn’t cost a ton of money, being poor college students at the time. So we decided on making dinner together and playing Truth or Dare Jenga.

We invited my engaged friends to participate in our date as well to make it three couples. Our dates lived together, so Jason and I drove to their house and picked them up. My first impression was a good one; she was beautiful. I’d have to see how the night went . . .

We made homemade calzones for dinner; everyone participated, which made the dinner making a lot more fun. The conversation was genuine, with no uncomfortable pauses or anything like that.

(Photo by Diva Plavalaguna from Pexels)

After dinner, we played Truth or Dare Jenga. It was awesome. We all enjoyed doing the various dares and answering the truth questions.

The ultimate dare, which wasn’t really bad at all, was for my friend’s fiancée, she toppled the tower over. She had to stand on the balcony of our apartment complex and scream at the top of her lungs, “I love you, Jim!”

I think she got off pretty easily. The date went well, the food was excellent, and the game was enjoyable. And even though I didn’t end up going out for a second time with my date, it still wasn’t a terrible setup by any means.

Check out the video I made for this Truth or Dare Jenga date idea:

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