Couple ice skating on a pond.

Ice Skating Date

Whether in a group or just the two of you try out this classic ice skating date idea. It is especially nice if it is really hot outside and you want to be somewhere cool. Great for Arizona folk like me.

This date is not necessarily creative, but then again you can make it as creative as you like. There’s always dressing up, of course.

Those Halloween costumes in your garage? Bring them out! And don’t worry too much about price—skating rinks don’t usually cost an arm and a leg.

Couple holding hands on the ice skating rink.

Holding hands while skating is one of the benefits of being on the cold ice. Gotta keep your date’s hand nice and warm. Just make sure you don’t fall on top of each other . . . or maybe you’d like it.

It could be the perfect time to laugh and stare into each other’s eyes, and then you fill in the rest. Go get ‘em, tiger. 

The ice skating date idea has been showcased many times in the movies, of course, because it is an awesome idea.

What you need for this ice skating date:

People ice skating at night at an outdoor rink.

All you need for this date is a place to go, and if you have your own skates, bring them. You can go to the closest indoor ice skating rink year-round.

Or during the winter depending on where you live, you can probably find an outdoor ice skating rink.

And if it is really cold where you live, there may be a frozen-over lake or pond that people skate on. Just be extremely careful whenever ice skating on a pond or lake.

My experience with this date:

When I was really young and could count the number of dates that I had been on, with one hand, I asked a girl named Kelly to go ice skating with me.

Kelly was a cutie in my chemistry class—we had quite the chemistry, you could say . . . okay, sorry, bad joke. We were both 16. If I remember right, she was 6 months older than me. Look at me, going after gold girls at that age. Nice.

I picked her up and we drove to the rink. Once on the ice, we skated so close together that we actually bumped into each other and fell, just like in a movie.

Girl and guy ice skating.

But unfortunately, nothing remarkable happened while we were skating; no big signs that she liked me, no big signs that she didn’t like me.

We went back to her place after and watched a movie. I guess she didn’t like me because we didn’t go out again. I failed that “chemistry test,” didn’t I? Sorry, last bad joke.

Several years ago back here in Arizona, I took a girl ice skating as our first date. We both had lots of fun, neither of us fell and got hurt, which is always a plus.

But like so many others, it didn’t click for me. I believe she was interested at least in going out on another date, but I didn’t ask her out again after that. Such is the dating life!

Whether it is just the two of you looking for a little romantic exercise on the ice or you are in a group, this ice skating date idea is one you should keep in your repertoire.

Couple on a pond ice skating.

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