Miniature golf with couple on a date

Miniature Golf Date Idea

One of the most classic dates known to man is mini-golf, or as some places call it, putt-putt. This miniature golf date is done quite frequently and is really popular with the younger crowd because it is cheap and usually pretty fun.

If you want to impress this chick, you got to take her to where I used to take all of my babes back in the day.

Where’s that?

– Cobra Kai

Haha, I love that scene from Cobra Kai.

You don’t have to be young to enjoy the weather and test your putting skills on the “links.”

Again, you’re probably thinking, Duh, Matt, I could have thought of that. Well here’s where it gets more interesting.

To make it more creative, put some kind of twist on the game, like make a rule that both of you have to be touching the putter when you putt. Or that the person who loses each hole has to do some kind of dare. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Or maybe the loser has to give the other person a massage, or buy the dessert, etc.

Girl at a miniature golf location.

The miniature golf date idea lends itself nicely as a first date or group date idea. You could have lots of fun in a group date scenario. Maybe do team games with couple against couple. Play alternating strokes, you tee off and your date has to sink the putt, and vice versa.

You just have to open your minds and think creatively, but I guess that is what this website is for, so now all you have to do is read it. 

What you need for this miniature golf date: 

Amusement park for miniature golf.

You will need a place to play. Games are pretty cheap, usually around $5 to $10 per person. One popular location in the United States is Golfland or there are plenty of similar locations. A place like Fat Cats has indoor mini-golf, in case the weather isn’t that nice outside.

If you don’t know where the nearest miniature golf location is, you can easily do a search online to find one. Don’t have one near you? Maybe you can create one inside your house.

My experience with this date:

I have taken girls mini-golfing on occasion. I did it because it is a really safe fun first date, with a low-pressure atmosphere, and the cost is minimal.

The key is that I had fun each time. Sometimes doing something simple like going mini-golfing is all that you need to have a great evening.

Couple on a miniature golf date up in Prescott, AZ
(Matt and Vanessa)

Years ago, I was driving up to my brother’s house in Flagstaff. A friend of mine lived in Prescott which was on the way. I let her know I was coming that way and wanted to see if she would like to go out on a date. We went on a miniature golf date and it was super fun.

We are still good friends today. A picture of that night comes up on Facebook every year as a reminder.

More recently a girl I knew and I went to the local Fat Cats and played glow golf. It is pretty much indoor many golf that glows in the dark. This particular location has a Pirate theme to it. Afterward, we walked down and got a cookie from a place called Chunk Cookies. Mini-Golf and amazing cookies, not a bad way to spend an evening.

If you are looking for something to do for a first date or group date, or just because it is fun, pull out this classic miniature golf date idea.

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