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Sporting Event Date Idea

Everyone loves sports, right? Alright, maybe I’m just reaching. Even if not everybody is a fan, there’s usually some kind of sporting event that will suit the masses. Time to get outside or inside depending on where you go for this sporting event date idea.

Many sports are available in most cities, like major league baseball games, hockey games, and of course, football. If you don’t have pro sports where you are, there are always college games.

These options are all great examples of different events you could go to on a date, whether it’s just two of you or in a group. Do some research beforehand and find out what your date’s favorite sport to watch is. She’ll appreciate it, believe me. Then head on over for a fun sporting event date idea.

hockey game date idea

Ticket pricing can be really expensive depending on where you sit—the closer you are, the more expensive it is. Nosebleeds aren’t always bad, though; it’s all about who you’re with. Sometimes games can be free if it’s a special event or you both go to the same college.

An idea to make this sporting event date idea a bit of an adventure is to take some fun transportation there. You could go by light rail, train, subway, or something similar. I know from experience that riding the light rail is fun, especially if you don’t do it often, and there’s a huge bonus: you don’t have to worry about parking!

What you need for this sporting event date idea: 

Football game sporting event date idea

Just pick an event you want to go to. Maybe try a new sport that both of you haven’t been to before. Always wanted to go to a live soccer game? Go to one! Maybe there is a horse track nearby and you want to watch those horses run? And of course, during early spring you could always hit up an MLB spring training game.

Love the beach? Find out where the next AVP beach volleyball game is going to be held. You can enjoy the beach weather, the ocean breeze, as well as an awesome game. There are so many options to choose from.

You need your tickets. If it is a major event, they might sell out, so it is a good idea to get the tickets early. A little planning goes a long way for this date.

My experience with this date: 

Baseball game

Many years ago I was invited by a girl that I had been dating to see an Oakland A’s game. Not my choice, as I am a Giants fan, but it was her favorite team. Ahh . . . the things I do for love.

It was Mother’s Day the next day and she was a mom of two children. I gave her flowers and a Tigger stuffed animal (did my research and found out she loves Tigger) before we drove to the game. Yeah, I got mad gift-giving skills.

We got to the game and had a great time. The ballpark food was on point, the A’s lost, my date wasn’t happy, but I was grinning on the inside. A great way to spend the day.

On other occasions, I have taken girls to volleyball games and basketball games and they were all really fun.

Some years ago here in Arizona, a girl that I had gone out with three times invited me to go to an ASU Football game with her. We had a lot of fun, and she was really interested in me, but again, love is a fickle thing and I wasn’t feeling it for some reason.

Bottom line, with the right person, this sporting event date idea is sure to be fun and memorable. And you can always mix things up and find a new sports event to go and watch.

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