Couple on a romantic getaway weekend at the beach

Romantic Getaway Weekend

I think a very fun thing to do with your spouse or significant other is to take them on a romantic getaway weekend to a resort, like Lake Tahoe, a beach town, Sundance, Telluride, Florida Keys, or anywhere else with a great place to stay.

Once there, you can plan out some of the dates I’ve outlined on this site like a candlelight dinner, a bonfire, or something else.

You can rent bikes and go on a ride through the picturesque mountains, or peddle-boat on a lake. The possibilities are endless. If there is a river nearby you can go rafting, or some places offer Para-sailing. You also can just do nothing; relax and sunbathe. 

Couple on bikes during their romantic getaway weekend.

What you need for this romantic date idea:

This one takes a little planning. You will want to plan out where to go, the activities you will do there, budget, food, etc. You can keep it a total surprise, or let your spouse or significant other in on the plan.

If you will be flying, you will need to book the flights, rental car, etc. Or maybe you want to just drive a few hours to the nearest mountain cabin? So many ideas that you can do for this.

Couple at sunset on top of a canyon.

My commentary on this romantic getaway weekend date idea: 

One summer when I was still in college, two of my best friends and I planned a trip to Lake Tahoe. We decided that we wanted to spend about a week there so we could do as many things as possible.

None of us had a ton of cash to spend so we were going to stretch our budgets as much as we could. We invited some of our college friends to make it a reunion, of sorts. 

Lake Tahoe, a romantic getaway destination.

There was a married couple, an engaged couple both on a romantic getaway weekend or week in this case, two single guys, and a girl who came on the trip. I guess there was another guy if you count the big Black bear in the area, but we only saw him once and he didn’t come to the pool with us or play video games. Psssh . . . bears, no fun at all.

It was awesome. We went mountain bike riding through the picturesque countryside, hung out at the lake for a bit, went swimming at the clubhouse pool (no lake swims for us—Lake Tahoe is beyond freezing), and went on a walk to look at the amazing homes that overlooked Lake Tahoe.

Back at the house we cooked and ate scrumptious food, such as barbecue beef kabobs, and lounged around enjoying each other’s company.

Couple hiking in the mountains.

My friends took pictures with their digital cameras, no iPhones back then, so the vacation could be well documented. There were some that turned out spectacular; one, in particular, was of a couple of us standing with the lake and the sunset behind us; it turned out so good that it looked as if it wasn’t real. I later made a video slideshow of the trip that I know everyone appreciated.

The entire thing was so much fun chilling without a care in the world. Getaways are great.

The week wasn’t romantic for me. One of my friends took his fiancée on a bike ride, along with several walks alone together. So for the couples there, it was one amazing romantic getaway weekend for them, when they were not around us.

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