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Cooking Class

It’s Friday night and you’re going out for a flavorful, delicious, expertly prepared dinner. Mmmm, yummy. But there’s a twist: you’ll be the one cooking that dinner. Say what? Yes, this date idea involves taking a cooking class together.

Grab your date and sign up for a cooking class. Cooking classes are a great way to learn some new culinary skills while doing something different for a date.

There is sure to be good interaction with your partner as you learn from a professional chef how to cook an amazing meal.

Even if you are already a culinary master, chances are your date may not be, so don’t let that stop you from trying out this idea. Strap on an apron put on that chef’s hat, and learn and then cook something.

This cooking class date idea works well with just the two of you, or also as a group date.

What you need for this cooking class date idea:

Man cooking

Do a search online to find cooking classes near you. The culinary schools sometimes have one-time classes in the evenings when they are not teaching their normal classes during the day.

A store called Sur la Table has in-store cooking classes which are pretty awesome. They have locations all over the United States, in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, and many more states.

You could also take a look at Cozymeal they may have locations near you as well.

Then show up to the cooking class and learn how to cook an awesome meal, recipe, etc. Usually, the classes are small 12 to 16 people.

You may or may not want to plan something around this idea. Make sure to look at the details for the class to see what you will be cooking. That way you can make a judgement call, about going to eat after as well.

Can’t find a cooking class that you want to attend? Well, check out my Cooking Channel on YouTube and find a recipe that you can watch together and then make.

My commentary on this date:

cooking salmon

A few years ago, I decided to attend a cooking class at Sur La Table. There was one 5 minutes away from my work so it was very convenient to go there after my day was over.

I would have liked to have brought a date, but at the time couldn’t think of anyone that I wanted to take, so I went alone.

I was pretty much the only single guy there . . . awkward. But that was okay. There were about 8 other couples there all eager to learn how to make some magnificent food.

The main course we learned how to make was cedar-planked salmon. It was amazing. While taking the class, I couldn’t help but notice all the couples there with me. They looked so happy, whether married or not and like they were genuinely interested in being with each other.

I vowed to someday take a date to a cooking class. Then I went to McDonald’s and got a cheeseburger. I was still hungry.

A fun and different date idea for two or for a group is to sign up for a single-evening cooking class. Have fun!

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