Escape room group date idea

Escape Room Group Date

An escape room is an adventure game where you and your team are confined to a physical location. And while inside you need to find, hints, clues, and secrets in order to “escape” the room. A clever name I know.

These escape rooms are similar to situations that you might find yourself in while playing various video games.

You’ve also probably seen some horror or adventure movie at some point in your life. Where the main characters were stuck in some situation and they had to find a way to get out.

Well, that’s kind of like the escape room. Or recently there have been actual Hollywood films come out called Escape Room.

Usually, these games are set in a variety of “themed” locations. Maybe it is a medieval-style room, set in the old west, or maybe something straight out of the Saw movies, or the Walking Dead, or maybe a science laboratory on a space station—you get the idea.

Several clues on a desk

This is a really good group date activity, or you could go as a couple and team up with a group to complete their team.

Grab your Sherlock Holmes sleuthing hat, get your adventure on and see if you can escape the room. Better yet, leave the hat at home.

Want to watch a celebrity escape room video? Check out this video and watch as Jack Black leads Courteney Cox, Adam Scott, Ben Stiller, and Lisa Kudrow play this awesome game. They played it to win money for charity. And it is pretty hilarious.

What you need for this Escape Room group date idea:

Girl pointing at a map in an escape room
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Look online and find the closest escape room venue to you. They are located all over North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, East Asia, Russia, and South America.

Most major metropolitan areas will have a few. This activity has grown in popularity over the years and keeps getting even more popular.

Make sure to make reservations and maybe even dress the part for whatever the theme is. You could plan to eat beforehand as a group or grab dessert after since they usually only last about an hour.

The prices usually range between $25 and $40 per person. Not the cheapest group date idea, but definitely worth the money. They get even more popular during October, so plan ahead if you want to do one during that month.

My commentary on this date:

Couple on an escape room date.
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This is something I have always wanted to do since I first heard about them. I have a friend who actually owns a couple of escape room venues.

I have yet to experience this adventure firsthand but have several friends who have participated in them with dates and loved it.

Usually, after escaping or not escaping the room, you take a group picture. Maybe you’ve even seen similar pictures of your friends on Facebook who’ve posted about their experiences escaping the room.

For a board game night one time, we played an “escape room” in a box. The real thing is much better I would think, but this one was still kind of fun.

If you are looking for something different to do for a group date, try this date idea out!

Watch the video I made about this group date idea:

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