Topgolf group date idea


For this group idea, get 3 or 4 couples together and head to the nearest TopGolf location. What is TopGolf? TopGolf is a driving range venue that is creeping up all over the United States. It is pretty much a driving range on steroids.

Even if you have the worse golf swing in the world, you can still be competitive and may even win a game or two.

It’s set up like a normal driving range, with major differences. The bays where you play feel more like bowling alley bays.  If a driving range and a bowling alley had a baby, it would probably be TopGolf.

What you’ll do is reserve one of these bays, which hold several people, and even comes complete with all the golf clubs you’ll need. Out in the field are several “holes” with flags and larger rings attached to them.

Guy swinging a golf club at TopGolf.

Each ring has a different point system, similar to a dartboard. These holes, which are more like targets, just need a ball to roll or land in it to score points. Something great is the rings are large, making them fairly easy to hit.

To get an idea of the point system, the outer ring for a very close target might be worth 2 points, whereas the inner ring for that same close target is worth or 4 or 6 points. Then the further out the targets are, the more points they’re worth.

So take a golf ball, grab a club, and swing away exactly as you would at a driving range. Except you’ll aim for one of those targets. If you shank the ball, don’t worry; chances are it might roll into another target, which will still score you points.

TopGolf is an awesome place, great for a group date atmosphere. They also have a good selection of food that you can order. Also, they have Big Screen TVs so that you can watch and sports games that are on.

What you need for this TopGolf date:

All you need for this date is to find out where the closest TopGolf location is to you. They have locations all over the United States, as well as 3 locations in the United Kingdom, 1 in Australia, several coming soon to Canada, 1 in Germany, 1 in Mexico, and 1 in Dubai.

As of the publishing of this article, there are 33 scattered across the United States, and about that same amount already announced or being built to add to that total. Visit their website for more details.

My commentary on this date:

I have gone to TopGolf a few times now. Each time was with a big group, the first with my team from work, and the second was for a friend’s birthday party. The third time was more recently with a few friends.

Everyone had a blast. While I personally have yet to take a date there, I know of plenty of people who have done that and loved it. Give it a shot if you’ve got one close by; you won’t regret it.

Even if you don’t like golf, the atmosphere is fun, the food is good, and it is a great time with friends.

Watch my video about TopGolf here:

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