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House Hunting

One of my hobbies is to drive around on an early-evening weekday or a Saturday morning and visit the new-build neighborhoods and go house hunting.

The reason I like it so much is probably that, I’m a dreamer—right now I live in an old townhome, and I can’t wait to buy a single-family residence.

I enjoy looking at all the different floor plans and upgrades; there are so many amazing options out there. Every once in a while, there will be a super fancy new neighborhood with enormous estates/mansions that are even more fun to explore. I’ll really never end up in one of those, but hey, a guy can dream, right? \

Couple house hunting talking to an agent.

House hunting would be a fun date to do even if you are not in the market to buy a new home. And the houses don’t have to be brand new builds; you could find an old mansion for sale and go to the open house, tour some tiny houses, or whatever piques your interest.

So if you’re looking for something to do on the weekend, grab a date and go look at some houses!

What you need for this house hunting date:

House for sale

All you need to make this date happen is some housing developments to explore, open houses to investigate, etc. You may want to combine this with another date idea like a picnic beforehand or something like that.

A search on Zillow or a similar site will be a good place to start looking to find some houses for sale. Or there could be a new development that you drive past every day for work.

My experience with this date:

Large mansion for sale

Several years ago I took a girl on a date down to the Tucson, AZ area. They were having an event where new development of mansions was open for touring and house hunting.

We drove down there and explored all of the amazingly huge homes. It was a super fun experience. It didn’t even matter that I wasn’t in the market at the time; I couldn’t afford those houses even if I was looking to buy.

More recently I’ve gone around with my friend and his wife as they’ve been house hunting, and explored every type of home from the small and bland to the enormous and immaculate.

Guy and girl on a house hunting date looking at a kitchen.

I love seeing all the different styles and sizes . . . until I remember how I bought my townhome at the peak of the market. And it took over 12 years before it was worth more than I owed on it. That reminder sucks, big time.

Even more so knowing that same friend bought a unit in my complex at the bottom of the market. He sold him and got around 200k profit, eek! Score for him, depression for me. In fact, I think I actually threw up a little bit in my mouth just thinking about it. Kidding.

Needless to say, he and his wife did this as a date a few times. They would get a sitter and then go look at houses.

Even now while writing this, it is putting me in the mood to go house hunting, haha.

Check out the video I made for this creative date idea:

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